== sharks


sharks are getting killed  every year,because fisherman keep killing sharks.Some fisherman use sharks fins  just for shark fin soup.They cut off the fins and drop the sharks back into the ocean.If you dont want to see sharks getting killed do something about it.Ive seen a couple of stars doing something about it.Like jackie chan.He  was served shark fin soup,and he turned it down.If you kill all the sharks the seals will over populate and eat all the fish.The whole populate will die.Here are some facts about sharks.Sharks have vary few predators.So they can swim freely look for a habitat.Some sharks swim by them self beacause they dont want to swim in schools.Their are 300 diffrent types of sharks in oceans but they all share the same basic anotomy.SHARKS tail makes them swim faster.Sharks eat all kinds of food depending what species they are.I am going to tell you some facts about some sharks i know starting with my favorite the hammerhead shark.Did you know hammerhead sharks have 9 other seperate species of their own some where in the ocean?Now for the great white shark.The great white shark  is the king of the ocean.Now for the last one im gonna do is the tiger shark.Tiger sharks are so big that they need a lot of space.If you want to do something about the sharks make a web site do something to help the sharks. 17:11, July 9, 2014 (UTC)

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