Thresher Sharks at Malapascua01:40

Thresher Sharks at Malapascua

Thresher Shark sightings in the Phillipines


A Thresher Shark

The Thresher SharkEdit

Thresher Sharks are known because of their long tail.They are in the Alopiidae family and there are three types of this of this shark like the common,Big-eyed,and pelagic thresher.Its scientific name is Alopias Macrourus.In 1997 it was concluded that this shark was a sister group to the Basking and Mackerel Sharks.The megamouth shark is considered one of its realatives.This shark is threatened and could possibly become extinct because it could be overfished.They can grow to be about 20 feet and be as small as 2 feet.They can weigh up to about 1100 lbs.Edit

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